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Grand reset here

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1 Grand reset here on Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:37 pm

For grand reset you need full stats all + 30 soul Very Happy

and mail me Very Happy magicdrag whit Comptename:
Character name:
And what grand reset

G1 item
BK:Exc leather set +13+28+luck+rate+max hp+max mana+zen
ELF:Exc vine set +13+28+luck+rate+maxhp+maxmana+zen
SM:Exc pad set +13+28+luck+rate+maxHp+maxmana+zen
MG:Pad set or leather set +13+28+lcuk+rate+MaxHp+Maxmana+zen
Dl:Leather set +13+28+luck+rate+Maxhp+mana+zen

G2 item
All classe cant add 1 option in all piece Very Happy
exemple:basic at G1 +13+28+luck+rate+max hp+max mana+zen
and i need +reflect after i put option +13+28+luck+rate+max hp+max mana+zen+reflect Very Happy

G3 item

you can put 1 option on you set or
choice ring and pendant+13+luck+rate+zen+maxmana+maxhp

G4 iteam

Put 1 option or
put 1 option in your ring or pendant Very Happy

G5 item

Put 1 option or
BK:lightning sword:+13+28+skill+luck+rate+mana+hp+zen
Elf:batle bow:+13+28+skill+luck+rate+mana+hp+zen
SM:gordon staff:+13+28+Luck+rate+mana+hp+zen
Mg:Rune blade:+13+28+luck+rate+mana+hp+zen
DL:batle scepter:+13+28+luck+rate+mana+hp+zen

G6 and more
You cant add more option Very Happy 1 by Grand reset
All set+13+28+lcuk+rate+zen+mana+hp
MG: unicorn
DL:adamantine,dark steel

Wing lvl 2 whit 3 option +13+luck+3 option (so cant add more option on wing )

all +13+luck+skill+28+rate+zen+mana+hp
BK:short sword,small axe,double blade,dragon sword,chaosdragonaxe,Elical sword.
ELF:shorte bow,aquagolden crossbow,chaos nature bow, archangel crossbow
SM:chaos dragon staff,archangel staff,legendery staff
MG:Rune blade,thunder sword
DL:master scepter,batle scepter,lord scepter,archangelscepter

thx for play all

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